B.A.Sc. Thesis Abstracts - Year 1992

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A Management Information System for Bullion Accounting

Susan Doniz and René Lajous


This thesis encompasses the thorough review and study of the bullion trading department of the Toronto Dominion Bank.

The work resulted in the creation of an automated Management Information System (MIS) for accounting purposes. This MIS consolidates all of the paper based information in a PC database (Paradox v3.5). It further provides the means to input Buy and Sell trading transactions and produces management information reports such as: Inventory, Position, and Profit/Loss. The remaining unprogrammed transactions are defined, which the bank will code.



Document Imaging Applications Using FAX Technology at the Royal Bank of Canada

Katty Lai and Eva Tsang

This thesis studies the FAX applications in the two Image Processing Systems, ImagePlus MVS/ESA and ImagePlus/2, in the Royal Bank of Canada. As Facsimile becomes more and more common, the bank decides that it is essential to incorporate the FAX capability in the systems as one of the file delivery mechanisms. Since there are limitations in the existing FAX capabilities in the Image Systems, the concept of a "Strategic FAX" emerges. It is expected that the Strategic FAX will be able to cover all the existing FAX problems in the Bank.

At the same time, the bank is seeking a method to integrate all the file delivery mechanisms in the firm, such as e-mail, and FAX is only one of these mechanisms. Therefore, it is expected that the Strategic FAX should be able to work with all the other file delivery mechanisms in the bank.


A Financial Transaction System to Automate the Fee Chargeback Process for Failed Payments at the Toronto Dominion Bank

Timothy M.C. Tsang and Michael W.H. Wong

This project focused on designing a software system to facilitate the automatic charge back of items to customers for the Toronto Dominion Bank. During the investigation phase, several banking centres where charge back activity takes place were visited, and personal interviews were conducted. The consensus was that the biggest flaw in the current software was its inability to perform real time account update. Thus, the new charge back system V3.0 includes the real-time debiting feature as well as several other capabilities. In fact three operating modes are now available, real-time batch update, real-time instant update, and manual update operation. Other critical design criteria that were identified included the capabilities for multiple transactions, more logical program flow , and the security issue have been addressed . Users ' recommendations resulting from the interviews were also taken into consideration in the new design. Performance measures included the program's ease of use and its flexibility, as well as the system's capabilities of handling the many different charge back transactions. The new system was coded and tested, and operator's manual was written to show the changes and new features available in version 3.0. The Toronto Dominion Bank will develop the module for communication between the bank's mainframe and the charge back system, to complete the real time debiting feature of the new system.

English to Braille Translation System for Braille Textbook Production at the CNIB

Anya Smith

A very important task at the Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB) is the conversion of standard (ie. English Language) mathematical and science texts into Braille versions. The conversion activity consists of two processes: a text and graph ics conversion process. Analysis of the two processes revealed that graphics conversion was considerably slower than text conversion. The purpose of this thesis project was to increase the efficiency of the graphics conversion activity. The many activi ties that were involved in the original process were replaced by the capability of the computer software package CorelDraw. A scanner replaces manual redrawing of each graphic, enhancements for tactile feedback were accomplished via the powerful image ed iting tools, and hand labeling was replaced by the installation of a Braille font in conjunction with text handling capabilities. For realization of the full potential of this approach it was recommended that the hardware platform consist of a very fast CPU equipped with large amounts of RAM and substantial hard disk capacity.

Economical Operation of an Air Powered Reciprocal Engine

Elizabeth Mary East

The process by which an invention becomes a commercial product is not well understood. The goal of the thesis was to participate in, and analyze as a case study, a Project wherein an entrepreneur has been attempting to commercialize a patented, non-polluting compressed gas Motor since 1986. The investigation had four goals: 1) to study the invention in context, ie. compressed gas as a motive force and this design in particular, 2) to participate in one phase of the invention's development: the introduction of computerized valve timing, 3) to study how the invention had been financed and promoted and 4) to examine the project as a whole. It was found that this invention has potential. A history of the successful use of compressed air as a motive force in the 19th century is included. This particular engine design, while novel, has been independently judged to be viable, although it is still early stage. The computerized valve timing mechanism was set up, but not achieved, due to lack of time and the' fact that the engine was in mechanical disrepair. It was found that, while the entrepreneur was skilled at obtaining financing and generating publicity, due to 8 lack of technical background, he could not independently judge the progress of development and made a bad decision in taking the Motor away from the inventor before it was sufficiently developed. The major Recommendation is to return responsibility for the Motor to the inventor, until a working prototype can be developed. It is recommended that 8 complete vehicle prototype be developed, and that that be a small Town Car.