B.A.Sc. Thesis Abstracts - Year 1991

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The Study of Stationery Purchasing and Distribution Service at the Toronto Dominion Bank

A. Tsang and M. Tsoi


Many manufacturing organizations have adopted inventory control on finished products and have practiced Materials Requirements Planning ("MRP"). MRP is basically planning ahead of time how much materials or inventory will be needed in order to fulfill future demand. Although the majority of MRP applications have been for use in the manufacturing environments, today, an increasing number of service organizations have adopted this method as well. As a result, the Materials Requirements Planning procedure was suggested to the Toronto Dominion Bank's internal Stationery Purchasing and Distribution Service. Of the 5,000 different items stored in the Toronto Dominion Bank's warehouse, 1096 of the items, 423 of them, accounted for 8096 of the value of the total inventory. After having implemented the Materials Requirements Planning procedure for those items, there was an overall reduction of $397,938.88 from a current daily inventory value of $7,358,301.03. This translated to a daily 5.4% reduction in the amount of total inventory stored in the warehouse. Using the current interest rate of 1296, this resulted in a yearly savings of $47,752.67.


Creation of an Executive Information System for Teknion Furniture Systems Inc.

Vincent Yuen Shun Poon and Patrick Kok Hooi Wang

The thesis encompassed a thorough investigation of the paper-based reports read by the vice-president of manufacturing of a leading office furniture manufacturing company. Such an investigation was initiated by the interest of the company in a faster and more convenient report system for the executives. The result was the creation of an Executive Information System (EIS) for the personal use of the vice- president. The EIS incorporates the production schedule report which is used daily by the executive. The objective is to provide quick access to important information that is easy to understand. This is accomplished by re-organization of the original data and creative use of graphical displays with the EIS.

Analysis of The Quality Measurement Reporting System for the Royal Bank of Canada

Pradeep Madhaven and Brent McGaw

Service Quality in Banking Industries has become a topic of increasing importance to executives of Canadian Financial Institutions. As products and services become less distinguishable from bank to bank service quality Provides a means for obtaining a competitive advantage.

The Royal Bank of Canada, Financial Institutions division has pioneered a service quality initiative involving several quality programs, and quality measurement processes.

This thesis examines the theoretical background for the service quality program in general, followed by an analysis of the existing methods, and suggestions for future development.

Distribution and Marketing Strategy for squeezed fresh Citrus Juice

Steven Lai and Se Kwok Rahardjo

So Fresh Foods is the Ontario distributor for Just Pik't Citrus Juice. This premium quality and priced product is positioned for the up-scale market, and sold to citrus juice connoisseurs. Market research was conducted including a thorough market survey, taste tests and evaluation of alternative distribution strategies. It was concluded that the best alternatives for retailing the product were convenience stores, vending machines, direct delivery (vial telephone/for ordering) and supermarkets. Of all these viable alternatives, vending machines appear to be the most profitable. Recommendations have been suggested on how to implement this strategy. Clearly, there exists a very substantial cadre of competitors with powerful marketing and distribution capabilities. Caution is advised, therefore, regarding timing and promotion costs having regard for the economic difficulties of the market place at present.

Natural Language Interface to WordPerfect 5.1 for a Voice Recognition System

Richard Guttman and Ravi Jain

Computer access for persons with manual disabilities must increase to keep pace with the expanding role of computers in the workplace. The Microcomputer Science Centre provides computer hardware and software for those with physical impairments. Amongst other systems, they market a voice recognition system called DragonDictate, which allows completely voice-operated, hands-free use of a standard Personal Computer. A natural language interface was needed to simplify the interface of the DragonDictate to each different application package. As part of a Fourth Year Industrial Engineering Thesis at the University of Toronto, two students proceeded with work on an interface of the DragonDictate to WordPerfect 5.1. Within an eight month period, under the supervision of Professor Paradi and Professor Vanderburg, the interface was designed and ready to be installed on IBM compatible computers equipped with the DragonDictate system.